Passing Strange

Tor.com, New York, 2017

San Francisco in 1940 is a haven for the unconventional. Tourists flock to the cities within the city: the Magic City of the World’s Fair on an island created of artifice and illusion; the forbidden city of Chinatown, a separate, alien world of exotic food and nightclubs that offer “authentic” experiences, straight from the pages of the pulps; and the twilight world of forbidden love, where outcasts from conventional society can meet.

Six women find their lives as tangled with each other’s as they are with the city they call home. They discover love and danger on the borders where magic, science, and art intersect.

Inspired by the pulps, film noir, and screwball comedy, Passing Strange is a story as unusual and complex as San Francisco itself.

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Harbin Hot Springs: Healing Waters, Sacred Land

Harbin Springs Publishing, Middletown, CA, 1991.

In this lucid and entertaining book, Klages tells the story of Harbin Hot Springs from its earliest days as a gathering place for Native American shamans through the many, varied phases of its history: a spa for Victorian invalids; a boxer’s training camp; a family resort;  a hippie commune; ending in the early 1990s with its most recent renaissance as a New Age community and spiritual center. (History)

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